What We Do

​​When you are planning your personal party or event The Crew will

make your life much easier! Call us and get your quote, we then will work out all the minor details and tasks you need done for your special day. When the day of your event comes around The Crew will help you set up for your event by doing any of the necessary tasks you need done such as setting up tables, chairs, snack areas, bar area or any lounges. When your event starts we will pass around orderves, appetizers, drinks and make sure all of your guests are happy and content. Our bartender will make the best drinks for your event and our servers will pass the drinks around and make sure no one is left empty. Once your event comes to an end we will break down the bar area and make sure we clean up all of our set up. We will also help you break down your tables and chairs. The Crew will make sure your night goes smoothly with no conflicts of any kind!